How Jet Shades Work

Install your Jet Shades panels before takeoff or during flight for cooler cockpit temps and sun glare reduction.

Watch as our pilot installs, adjusts, and removes Jet Shades.

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Jet Shades in Action

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    The [Jet Shades] are fantastic! I took them off half way back so my son could feel the difference, and he really noticed how much cooler they kept you.  It will be a big hit with my wife for sure.
    Mirage Owner
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    I really like my Jet Shades. They do an amazing job of keeping the plane at a cool temperature in the Florida sun and I love the fact I no longer need to use makeshift paper to keep the sun off my copilot and I while in flight!
    Eclipse Jet Pilot
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    Everything about my Jet Shades is fantastic! I like that I can have a lighter version to let more light in, yet still block the UV. Jet Shades are a great solution for a long time problem!